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Welcome to the SDDC Personal Property Business Website.

SDDC is the executive agent for DoD’s Personal Property Program and continues to reengineer the way DoD selects, manages and works with transportation service providers that move household goods and vehicles.
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 Reoccurring Updates

FY 2014 Advisories
PP Advisories
SIT Facilities
TSP Listings
Approved CONUS SIT Facilities Report
Approved OCONUS SIT Facilities Report
Disqualified TSPs
Domestic Approved TSPs
International Approved TSPs
PP 14-0001 Consolidated Services Guidance Govt Shutdown
PP 14-0002 Guidance on Personal Property Mvmt
PP 14-0003 DPS International OCONUS-OCONUS Invoicing Solution
PP 14-0004 TSP First Available Delivery Date and Authorized Effective SIT
PP 14-0005 DPS International OCONUS-OCONUS Invoicing Solution UpdateCountry Code Errors
PP 14-0006 Edit Pre-Survey Dates After Printed GBL-BL
PP 14-0007 DPS Implementation of 1.6.7
PP 14-0008 Recalculation CSS Scores for 1 Jan to 14 May 2014
PP 14-0009 DPS Implementation of 1.6.7 Revised
PP 14-0010 Invoicing Update for the Community
PP 14-0011 DPS Implementation of 1.6.8
PP 14-0012 DPS Unscheduled Outage
PP 14-0013 DPS Implementation of Domestic BOTO and MOTO Capability
PP 14-0014 New TSPs from 2013 Open Season
PP 14-0015 2014 DP3 Rate Filing Notice
PP 14-0016 Recalculation of CSS Scores for 15 May to 31 July 2014
PP 14-0017 Reposition of Excess Government-Owned Containers
PP 14-0019 Update to BVS Calculation
PP 14-0020 DPS Int'l COS 5 Channel Deletion(s) Azores (PO01) to-from Hawaii (US89) COS 5 Channels
PP 14-0021 CHMG Performance Bond Revocation
PP 14-0022 AER 190-6 Registration - Control of POFs - Other Weapons in Germany
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 Defense Personal Property Program

2012 400NG Baseline Rates
2012 400NG Change 1
2012 400NG Change 2
2012 400NG Change 3
2012 400NG Change 4
2013 400NG Change 1
2013 400NG Change 2
2013 400NG Change 3
2013 400NG
2014 400NG Tariff Change1
2014 400NG Tariff
SDDC 400NG Rating Tool Tutorial

 PP Archive

Accessorial Pamphlet
Channel Control Listing
DPS Public File
DPS Public Files 2011
DPS Public Files 2012
DPS Rate Filing
GPC Pricing Schedule of Rates
Intra Theater TOS
K International Tender
L 400NG
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News "U" Can Use
Customer Satisfaction Survey
DPS System Response Center (SRC)
400 NG
SDDC 2013 400NG Rating Tool V1
SDDC 2012 400NG Rating Tool V4
2014 400NG Baseline Rates
2013 400NG Baseline Rates
2012 400NG Baseline Rates
Access ETA System
Domestic Approved TSPs
International Approved TSPs
Revoked TSPs
Disqualified TSPs
Tender of Service NTS Rates
It's Your Move Pamphlet (Military)
It's Your Move Pamphlet (Civilian)
Shipping Your POV
Storing Your POV
POV Tracking System
Moving Your Mobile Home
Personal Property Consignment Instruction Guide (PPCIG-OL)
Personal Property Rates (PPROL)
Defense Table of Official Distances
Defense Transporation Regulations
Joint Travel Regulations
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 On-Line Education Series

Costing a Domestic Shipment
DPS Queue Management
Finding TSP Rates On A Channel
How RDDs Work In DPS
QA Punitive Actions Handout
QA Punitive Actions Video
Regular and Immediate Suspensions
Ten Things for a PPSO-TSP to Know
What A Customer See in Self Counseling